2016 - Year Balance

12:23 PM

Hello my dears how are you doing? 

The year is coming to an end an it's time to make a balance of the positive and negative things that happened in 2016.
It's also time to set my goals for the new year approaching. 

2016 was a god year for me, way better than 2015. I think I accomplished most of my goals for this year so I'm very happy for that.

Positive Points 

New Home

Yes, finally we have a bigger place for us, finally we have a place to call home without crazy neighbours screaming all night. Now we have enough space to receive our friends and family.
We still have lot to buy and decorate but we are getting there, one step at the time.

New Countries

This year I traveled a lot, Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Barcelona, Brussels and Edinburgh were my choices for 2016 and I'm really glad I chose them. 
I have great memories from my trips and I had such a great time in all of them you can't even imagine. Traveling is becoming a real passion for me. 
Time to start planning my travels for 2017.

New Job

This year I was promoted and I started a new job in the same company. I really worked ward for that and it's great when your efforts are worth it. I'm really happy with my job now, I feel like I learn something new everyday. 


This year I started doing something that I wanted for a long time, I started being the 'godmother' of a little girl from Angola. I pay a monthly fee and like that I'm insuring that she has food, education and heath care. The reason I do that is because I'm so grateful for everything I achieve that I think I should give something back to the community. I always had the financial and emotional support from my parents and family but unfortunately a lot of people don't.  


I started BBG in May and I don't want to stop. It's so difficult to find time to do sports specially during the week but it's something I need to do. I also started walking from the train station to my office every morning instead of taking the bus. It's not always easy especially when it's -8 outside but I feel better after. 

Quality over Quantity

This year I decided that I had to be more careful with my choices. Buy less things but with more quality, I don't do impulsive buys anymore. I only buy something when I know I will use it a lot of times and I don't mind to pay more for it.

Negative Points 


Time is the thing that I miss the most. I just don't have time for anything, I arrive home at 7 p.m, I prepare dinner, I eat, I call my parents, sometimes I watch one episode of one of my favourite tv shows and than I go to bed. Most of the times I fall asleep on the couch.
I'm always so tired at the end of the day.
 I need more time for my family and friends.
I also need more time to write here, It's something that I really like but most of the times I'm just to tired to do it. 


It's really hard to be away from the people you love, most of my friends and family are in Portugal or spread around the world. Most of the times I feel like I'm failing as a friend and as a daughter because sometimes I'm not there when they need me. 
I need to spend more time with them and I need to be more available as well.
This year my cat died and I felt how hard it is to be far from home.


I need to be more organised. I need to learn how to manage my time.  I need to find time to clean my house, do my laundering, study, do my sports , blogging and spend time with my boyfriend. 
Believe me, that's my everyday struggle. 

I hope you had an amazing year as well and I wish you all a happy new year full of peace, love and welfare. 


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