8# Travel Memories - Paris

Hello my dears, how are you?
Two weeks ago I went to Paris to celebrate my birthday. Yes, it was my first time visiting Paris and I was really excited about it.
Paris is huge so it was impossible to see everything in two days but we visited a lot of things.
 We climb the Eiffel Tower, we visited the Louvre, we made a small boat trip on the Seine and we lost ourselves in the small streets next to Notre Dame.
We tried a lot of Bistros as well, but we were very unlucky with the food.
My favourite part of the city was, of course, the fashion. Parisians  have a unique style, no matter what they dress they are always perfect and stylish.  The shops on the Champs Elysees are breathtaking you will find all the famous French houses there.
The Galleries La Fayette are also a must place to visit.
 If you love fashion Paris is the right place to go!
I also loved the Louvre, is really really beautiful and also really big, it's impossible to see everything in one day but you can always chose what do you want to see.
I had high expectations about Paris, it was always on the top of my list of places to visit  but I was a bit disappointed. The city is really beautiful but I was expecting more.
The prices are also crazy not only in shops but also in restaurants and bars.
Safety speaking, I think the city is safe and there is always a lot of people on the streets.
Compared to other cities I visited, I prefer Paris over London but I enjoyed Barcelona and Edinburgh more.
My advise to all the fashion addicts is: If you are visiting the Paris, save some money for the trip!



  1. The photos are so stunning! I'm so pleased you had a lovely time! I have to visit this year!!

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  2. Uma viagem que gostaria imenso de fazer neste momento, Paris deve ser inesquecível!


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