To new beginnings!

Hello Everyone!

2019 is just around the corner and as a new year resolution I decided to start posting again. 
I think I stoped writing almost 2 years ago because life happened and I decided to focus more on my job and personal life. However my passion for fashion is still here and sometimes I fell the need to share it with other people. 
I also think that people stoped reading blogs because it's always much easier to go to youtube or instagram and hear what people have to say but anyway I will give it try again.
I continued reading blogs and watching my favourite youtubers during the past year and I noticed that reviews of luxury items are the themes that interest me the most so I will try to do the same because let's face it when you spend big money to buy something it's always good to know what other people think about this item. 
Travel is of course another topic I love and I will try to talk a bit, giving some tips of nice hotels and places to visit. 

I hope you will enjoy it!



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