Chanel Card Holder - Review

Hi everyone!

Today I will tell you everything about the Chanel card holder I received last Christmas.
I'm an big fan of small crossbody bags, I used my Gucci Soho Disco bag everyday for almost two years so I always had limited space in my bag and I couldn't afford to have a huge wallet taking all the space. 
I barely use or have cash with me anyway, I always pay everything by card so for me it was a waist of space to have my wallet with me every time. 
All I need is my ID card, train card and credit cards so a card holder was the perfect solutions to all my lack of space problems. 
I can tell you that it was a bit strange in the beginning but now I wouldn't change it anymore. 
It totally changed my life, it's small, it's practical and of course it's Chanel!
The wear and tear of the card holder is also very good, I used it every single day during the past year and it still looks good! 
I don't have any special care with this product, I use it as I would use a cheap card holder from a fast fashion store.
It's really and classy and timeless piece and I always receive lots of compliments when I use it!


* Timeless and classy piece;

* Fits a good amount of cards (around 12); 

* Practical and perfect if you use small bags; 

* Good wear and tear;

* Leather looks better with time;

* Chanel team in Luxembourg is super helpful and friendly;


* You can see some scratch marks but nothing that really bothers me; 

Rate: 9 out of 10 


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