Dior Tribales Earrings - Review

Hello fashion addicts!

One of my Christmas presents this year were these stunning Dior Tribales earrings, and I'm obsessed with them now.
First of all, I'm not an earrings type of girl, I always wear rings and necklaces but I never had a pair of earrings that I really loved. 
I saw the Dior Tribales earrings with the crystal bees in one of my favourite influencers and they really caught my eye, they were really simple and classy but they totally upgraded any look. 
I went to Dior in Luxembourg and I tried them on and they are truly stunning however as these were my first pair of Dior earrings I decided to get something a bit different, so I end up buying these beauties.

I'm totally in love with them, however I think I will also buy the ones with the crystal bees very soon.


* They are really a statement piece and it's impossible not to notice them. 

* They are classic with a twist and they can transform a very simple look into something different and fun.

* Dior team in Luxembourg is super helpfull and friendly.

* The Dior package for this Christmas is probably the most stunning I ever seen. 


* You can see some very little scratch marks on the pearls that probably happened during the fabrication as they have so many details. 

* They may not be a timeless pieces as they have so many details.

Rate: 8 out of 10 



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