Winter Wishes

9:46 AM

Hello everyone!!

Almost one month passed since my last post. I know, I'm a lazy blogger, but my life really changed in the last few months. I don´t really have time during the week to write and during the weekend all I want is to be away from my computer, but I really miss this. 
Every day I have a different idea that I really want to write about and every day I try to find some time to write to you but at the end it never happens. 
So today I'm here to show you my Winter wishes. 
These are the pieces that I really want to have in my closet in the next few months. I know that it´s kind of impossible but I can always dream about it, right?

1. Saint Laurent 2.290€
2. Givenchy 1.490€
3. Saint Laurent 595€
4. McQueen 265€
5. MiuMiu 395€

 Which one do you like the most?


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