Cold Vibes

1:00 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?
It's so cold here in Luxembourg, you have no idea, finally winter is coming.
You know I love winter but I always complain about the cold. I wish I could stay home in my sofa watching movings and drinking coffee but unfortunately I can't. 
Instead I wake up everyday at 6 a.m. and when I leave home is still dark outside, it's not easy to be an adult sometimes ahahaha. 
Besides all of that I still prefer Winter. I love the cozy outfits, the warm coffees and the big scarfs. I love to stay at home when it's cold outside. I love to see the rain and the snow. I love the big jackets and the chunky sweaters. I love the silence on the streets. I love the hot chocolates. 
I love winter, and you? 

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3# Travel Memories - Edinburgh

9:09 AM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
As you know I was in Edinburgh last weekend and I totally loved the city.
First of all you have to know that I am a big Harry Potter fan and I love all dark movies.
Edinburgh is really a dark city, you can really fell the mystery and the soul of the city in every corner.  It's also very cold and rainy but we were lucky with the weather and we had 2 sunny days, but still really cold.
I think it's official one of my favourite cities, the buildings are beautiful and people are lovely.
We walk in the city, we climb a 'mountain', we lost ourselves in the Scottish shops and pubs, it was really a god adventure. 
I will be back very soon for sure to explore the other beautiful places of Scotland.

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What about Black Friday?

9:02 AM

Hello my dears, how are you?

So yesterday was the so expected black friday but for me it was more a black week.
I had and amazing weekend in Edinburgh with my colleagues from work, and it was really great. 
I loved Edinburgh, I think It's one of the most beautiful cities I ever saw, you can see history in every corner and the city has definitely a special soul. 
It was a great weekend but I was really tired when we arrived. 
I had one of the worst weeks at work as well, I could not wait for the weekend again. 
Yesterday I was sure that I would buy all my Christmas presents but that didn't happened as well. 
The problem is, I don't know what to give and the promotions were not so good. 
I end up buying two perfumes for my uncles on Sephora with 30% of discount and that was it for presents. 
I also bought a treat for my, these "boots" from Zara that I saw in Barcelona and I really regret of not buying. 
My black friday wasn't very exciting but this weekend I will try to buy the rest of the presents (after cleaning my house and study for another exam).

Wish me luck and inspiration!!!!

What do you think about my new shoes? 

What about you? How was your shopping? 


3# Best Fashion Youtubers of 2016

1:30 PM

Hello my dears, how are you doing? 
So today I will continue my best of 2016 tag and I will tell all about my favourite fashion youtubers of the year. 
I spend hours on youtube watching their videos and I think they do a incredible job. 
I can't even imagine the time that they spend editing and shooting the videos and I really admire them for that, plus besides that all of them have also a blog that you can follow. 
Being a blogger for living is not so easy as everyone thinks, these girls are always working. 
I really love my job that is not related to fashion at all, my blog is just a hobby, a landscape, a place where I can share my thoughts with you, but I have a lot of respect for professional bloggers and youtubers.
If you like fashion you will certainly love to see all these stunning girls and their amazing closets. 

Lydia is my favourite youtuber, I love her so much. She is gorgeous, she is funny and she has an amazing taste. I love watching her unboxing videos, her handbags collection, shoes collection, best and worse luxury purchases and I also love her vlogs. I think she is really genuine and unique and when you start watching her videos is really impossible to stop. 

Tamara is also amazing, I wish I could have half of her closet. She has an amazing and unique style.
She does a lot of travel vlogs that I love but I have to confess that my favourite videos are also when she shows her handbag collection or the whats in my bag tag!  

If you love handbags and you don't know Chase Amie you live in a totally different world. She has the most amazing bag collection I ever saw. When I like a bag I always go and and check what she has to say about it before I even consider to buy it. She was a big influence when I bought my Gucci Soho Disco bag and I am not disappointed. 

I love Garotas Estúpidas, especially the #camievictake tag. Camila and Vic are best friends, one living in Brazil and the other one in London but they travel a lot together and they always have the most funny vlogs. If you want to see their amazing outfits and funny adventures just follow them on youtube. 

Tell me, which one is your favourite? 


make up

2# Best beauty products of 2016

1:30 PM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
The year is almost over and I can't believe how fast it was. 
As I told you I will be doing the review of my favourite products of the year and today I will tell you all about my most used beauty products. 
Most of the products of this list are part of my daily routine. 
I like to buy quality products because when you put something everyday on your skin you have to be very careful and make sure that you are not damaging it. 
Also I do my makeup in the morning and I like when the products stay all day long and this is really hard to achieve when you buy low quality items. 
With no further comments, check out my 2016 beauty recommendations for you.

1 - MAC Fast Play - 19€-  I use this lipstick almost everyday, the color is perfect, very similar with my natural color, so for me it's a nude. It stays all day and it always look pretty. The only bad point is that  my lips are a bit dry so I have to hidrate them a lot before I apply the lipstick. 

2 - Mary Lou Manizer- 16€ - This is the best highlighter ever, the color is perfect, it stays all day and it's not so expensive. If you never tried it you don't know what you are missing.

3 - Bobbi Brown - Eyeliner - 24,50€- This is my favourite product, I could not leave without eyeliner, I use it everyday. I tried a lot of eyeliners before and by far this is the best one. It's very easy to apply, it's really black and the duration is also perfect. 

4 - Naked 2 - Eyeshadows - 51,95€- The Naked 2 was not love at first sight for me, I heard a lot about this pallet so my expectations were also high. The colours are beautiful but I was expecting more pigmentation. However from all the eyeshadows I own these are by far the best ones.

5 - Nars Concealer - 29,95€- This concealer it's perfect if you are not looking for high coverage but only for something that gives you a fresher look . I really love it and it's really easy and fast to apply.

6 - Garnier Micellar Water - 8€- I use this water every single day, it's always one of the first things that I do when I arrive home.  I still remember the old times were I didn't even care if I was sleeping with makeup or not and most of the times I was just to lazy to take it off. Nowadays thats not possible anymore, I cannot sleep with makeup.
 This water is very easy to apply and leaves your skin clean and fresh.

7 - Burberry Bronzer - 41,50€- This bronzer is really good, first of all I love the colour and second it will stay all day long in your face. It's really pigmented so you just have to be careful with the amount of product that you apply otherwise you will look like a clown. The other great thing is the package, it's so beautiful that is a shame to open. 

8 - Biotherm Lait Corporel - 31,95€- My mom got this cream last year for Christmas from my aunt and I tried it before her. I was so in love in with the smell and the texture that I had to buy one for myself. I love it so much, it's really easy and fast to apply and it's also very light so you can apply it and then dress right after that it will be ok. 

9. Naked Skin Urban Decay - 37€- I'm so in love with this foundation, it feels like is your second skin. It's medium coverage, the color is beautiful and it's also very light, you don't feel it on your skin. I was using the one from NARS before and it was horrible, the coverage was perfect but it was so thick that you could feel it and at the end of the day all my shirts were full of foundation, with this one I don't have this problem. 

Do you use any of these products?
Tell me what do you think.


1# Best Apps of 2016

12:30 PM

Hello dears how are you?
Today I will start a tag ( created by me) with my favourite things of 2016. 
The goal is to show you things that I used and liked during the year, like apps, series, books, makeup, clothes, countries, and whatever I decide. 
There are really no rules, I just want to share things that hopefully will be also useful for you. 
I decided to start with my favourite apps of 2016, the ones that I used the most!

1. Sweat ( or Sweat with Kayla)

If you don't know BBG or Kayla Itsines you can stop now what you are doing are go google it! Kayla is amazing she created the BBG (Bikini body guide) for women that don't have time to go to the gym and want to be fit, the program consist in 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of liss (cardio) and you can do everything at home in less than half an hour. 
When one of my co-workers told me about this BBG program I never imagined how big this was. BBG is not only an app or a book it's a huge community of inspirational women that support each other everyday. When you are a mom or you have a full time job sometimes is very difficult to find time to exercise. This happened to me, when I start my job, one year ago, I stopped with the gym and and started spending my days seated in front of the computer, the only exercise I did was going to the printer ahahahah. 
In 5 months I felt the difference on my body I gain a lot of weight and I was not strong anymore. I didn't had time to go to the gym.
 I leave home everyday at 7 a.m. and I arrive at 7:30 p.m. When I arrive at home I only have time to do something to eat watch a little bit of tv and I go to bed because usually I'm exhausted. 
Then I found BBG, my colleague gave me a copy of the book and later I downloaded the app. I don't have time to go to the gym but I always have 30 minutes to do my exercises at home. 
I feel stronger than ever, even when I spent all my days at the gym, and I'm getting back my old shape. 
The first week was horrible I never felt so much pain in my life after an exercise, but then your body will get use to it. The price is 54,40€ for 3 months and believe me, it's totally worth it. 
You also have a meal plan if you want and a planner for your exercises. 
If I did not convinced you just go on instagram and look for #bbg! 


I think Tidal is the app that I use most during my day. I got Tidal when Beyonce realised her new album ( well done Jay Z) and since then I never stopped using it! I spend 3 hours of my day between trains and buses and I could never spend one hour on the train without music. In fact the first thing I do when I wake up is to open Tidal and start listening music. You can do your own playlist, you can listen to the latest hits and you have also playlists from Tidal.  I pay 9.90 € monthly for the subscription and I'm very happy with it.

3. Booking + Trip Adviser 

I traveled quite a lot this year so I had to book a lot of places to stay as well. I booked my hotels to  Amsterdam and Barcelona through Booking I was very pleased with the results. It's always good to see first the ratings and the comments of the hotels, especially if they are expensive. I also used trip adviser a lot this year, in Portugal and Barcelona I always checked the best restaurants near me on Trip adviser first and they were always good. I think it's great that we have this kind of information now especially when you don't know the city and you need some guidance to avoid bad experiences. 

4. Instagram

I still think that Instagram is the faster and easier way to share moments with people. I love sharing my favourite photos with my friends and check their latest photos as well. It's also the best way to follow bloggers that I love and people that I admire without having all the publicity and crapy talk that we see a lot on facebook. But I guess I don't need to talk a lot about Instagram because all off you know how it works, right? 

5. Netflix 

This is not a surprise to anyone right? Who does not like Netflix? I spend all my Sundays watching it and it's just the best company ever.  I love that we can watch the old and the new series and Netflix originals are becoming better and better as well. I pay around 10€ per month and again it's totally worth it.

What about you, which one is your favourite app at the moment? 



2# Travel Memories - London

12:00 PM

Hello dears, how are you doing? 
Today I'm doing a through back to my trip to London, I had such a great time. 
It was my first time in London and I really enjoyed it, it's a beautiful city but too busy for me. 
When you live in a city like Luxembourg you are never use to this kind of things, the city is so calm and you don't see a lot of tourists around. 
London on the other hand it's completely the opposite, the streets are always crowded, the tube is always full and you have things happening everywhere. 
It's the perfect city to spend a weekend with friends and you have plenty of time to visit the most famous spots of the city. 
It's also a expensive place so if you are planning to visit London soon you better start saving some money! 
Hope you like the photos!


My Christmas Wishlist...

11:05 AM

Hello my dears how are you?
So glad is the weekend, I had a very busy week but yesterday I went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Luxembourg and it was amazing. So happy I got the tickets, they sold out in 20 minutes because the place is not so big and they were also very expensive but totally worth the money.
The streets of Luxembourg are starting to embrace the Christmas spirit, the Christmas market will start soon and the walks to the office will start to be more fun.
That's why I love Christmas, everything becomes more beautiful and people more happy.
Speaking of Christmas I will show you today my Christmas wishlist.
These are all my favourites at the moment and I wound't mind to have them all, and I think any fashion lover would.
A woman can dream right?

Which one is your favourite?



1# Travel Memories - Amsterdam

4:00 AM

Hello my dears, I hope you are doing well.
So I decided to create a new tag on the blog about my travel memories and show you the best moments of my trips. 
One of my goals for 2016 was to travel more, discover at least 3 different countries and my goal was already accomplished. 
Travel is one of the things that I love the most, I love the memories that we make and the freedom of discover different places and cultures. 
I visited Amsterdam in May and it was one of the most beautiful places I ever been. I know that some people love it some people hate it, but for me it was really love at first sight. 
The vibe of the city is amazing, it's a non-stop party very fun and charming at the same time. 
Everyone looks very happy and they are all very friendly as well. 
I really want to return next year and explore the city a little bit more. 
What do you think about the city?

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Christmas Gifts for Her - Under 200 Euros

6:15 PM

Hello Dears!
How are you doing? 
Am I the only one here thinking about Christmas already? 
If you need some gifts ideas to give to your wife, mother, sister or any other woman that you love, I will show some cool gifts that every women would love.
Next week I will do a selection of presents under 100 and 50 euros as well, I hope you like it.
Tell me which one is your favourite?

1- Acne Scarf 150 EUR
2- Marc Jacobs Decadence 61,60 EUR
3- Fornasetti candle140 EUR
4 - Smythson notebook 85 EUR
5- Josefinas 145 EUR
6- Calvin Klein 185 EUR
7- The Laundress 45 EUR
8 - Chanel 68.50 EUR
9 - Kenzo 55.50 EUR



Best Ankle Boots of the Season - Winter 2017

11:00 AM

Hello guys, how are you doing? 
Winter is just around the corner, they say it will snow next week in Luxembourg so I must be prepared. These kind of boots are not exactly perfect for snow but they are perfect for the cold times. 
I want to invest in a good pair of boots for a long time so I did a selection of my favourites of the season. 
To be perfect they need to be black and comfortable, I want to be able to  use them all the time in smart and casual looks so they need to be versatile as well.
So these are the chosen ones, what do you think? 
I have a crush on Acne Studios, they are my favourites together with Givenchy ones. 
Which ones do you prefer? 

 1- Gianvito Rossi 715 eur
2- Zara - 39,95 eur
3- Marc Jacobs 540 eur
4- Massimo Dutti 139 eur
5- Givenchy 1.100 eur
6- Saint Laurent 895 eur
7- Valentino 890 eur
8- Acne Studios 450 eur
9- Zara 69,95 eur



Metallic shades for next Spring!

9:09 AM

Hi dears, how are you? 
I'm dying over here, I got the flue this weekend and I'm really glad that today is an holiday so I can stay at home doing nothing and felling sorry about myself ahahaha. 
The positive points are that in two weeks I'm going to see Red Hot Chili Peppers (they better be good because I payed a lot for the ticket) and in three weeks I will be in Edinburgh (so exited). 
So metallics are back, I still remember the silver trousers that I had 7 years ago, that I never used.  And guess what? They are In again
It's always like that isn't it? 
I really like metallic or lamé items but I confess that sometimes they are a little difficult to wear, thats why I keep myself away from them (basically I keep myself away from everything that it's not black or gray). 
However, this time I went with the flow and when I was in Barcelona I bought the famous metallic  Zara skirt, and I already used it once! 
I blame Gucci for this, and for basically everything that is going on the fashion market nowadays. 
The true is that we saw a lot of metallic items on the runways of the 2017 spring collections, not only Gucci but also Saint Laurent and Isabel Marant, between others.  

So who is exited about this trend? 

Isabel Marant / Saint Laurent/ Gucci 

1 - Halston Heritage
2 - Zara
3 - Kate Moss for Equipment 
4 - Gucci
5 - Halston Heritage 


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