2# Travel Memories - London

12:00 PM

Hello dears, how are you doing? 
Today I'm doing a through back to my trip to London, I had such a great time. 
It was my first time in London and I really enjoyed it, it's a beautiful city but too busy for me. 
When you live in a city like Luxembourg you are never use to this kind of things, the city is so calm and you don't see a lot of tourists around. 
London on the other hand it's completely the opposite, the streets are always crowded, the tube is always full and you have things happening everywhere. 
It's the perfect city to spend a weekend with friends and you have plenty of time to visit the most famous spots of the city. 
It's also a expensive place so if you are planning to visit London soon you better start saving some money! 
Hope you like the photos!


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  1. Que fotos lindas! Quero tanto visitar essa cidade!

  2. Beautiful photos! London is such a wonderful city, I love it!


  3. Love the post and thoughtful content!!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend :)
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!

  4. London is such a beautiful city! I just love everything about it!
    Great photos.
    Kisses from portugal dear

    Denise de Assis

  5. Lovely pictures ;) I've been in London once and I think that this city is so beautiful ;)


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