Zara Sales - My Favourite Pieces

5:00 PM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
Today is my last day of holiday, however not everything is bad because Zara sales just started. 
Not in Luxembourg though, only in Portugal but fortunately I have my parent's address in Portugal and I can order everything I want. 
The prices in Portugal are always lower than Luxembourg even without sales. I'm in love with this gray coat for a long time and the price in Luxembourg is 129 € and in Portugal is 99,99€. Now with the sale the price dropped for 69.99 € so probably I will buy it. 
Besides that I also have my eyes in other pieces but I think I will wait until the prices dropped again because the difference is not so big now. 
I will leave my suggestions below and don't forget that we should invest in classic pieces during sales. We should not go crazy only because the prices are lower ( I know it's hard).



5# Tavel Memories - Christmas in Brussels

9:43 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?

I hope you had an amazing Christmas. 
I spent my Christmas in Brussels for the second time, and I had and great time with my family. Brussels is like a second home for me and it's one of my favourite cities. 
I went there on Friday and I returned to Luxembourg today but I wish I could stay there. 
It's always great to see my family again and spend more time with them because they mean the word to me. 
The city was beautiful than ever, I loved the Christmas decoration and the smell of fresh gaufres on the streets. 
I will be back soon!

What about you, how was your Christmas?

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Sale alert - The Shoes

3:44 PM

Hello my Dears, how are you?
The Sale season just started and it's time to invest in some quality pieces. 
Quality shoes are always a good investment and if you can get them for half of the price it's even better right? 
Don't forget that it's always better to choose timeless pieces, things that you can use for more than one season. 
I made a selection of my favourite shoes for you, all of them have between 30% and 50% of discount. 
Run before it's to late!!!

1 - Gianvito Rossi 413 €
2- The Row 504€
3- Sam Edelman 71€
4- Nike 91€
5- Gianvito Rossi 378€
6- Isabel Marant 201€
7- Alexandre Birman 390 €
8- Aquazzura 345€
9- See by Chloe 295€



4# Travel Memories - Portugal

9:29 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?
Today I'll show a little bit more of my holidays in Portugal. 
I miss my country so much and it's always good to go back. We have sun, beach, nature, great food, great wine and great people. 
This time I wan't only in my home town, I spent some days in Lisbon, Sintra, Aveiro and I went to see the Douro region. I was really a tourist in my own country. 
I had a great time with my family and friends and the weather was amazing, I went in October and the average temperature was 22 degrees. 
It's not only about the sun the great food and the beach, Portugal is way more than that, we have a lot of amazing places to visit, amazing buildings, castles, palaces and museums. 



Living Room Inspirations

4:34 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?
 I know that I already told you but I really need to decorate my living room, I need a new sofa, a new table, new decoration, I need everything new. 
I still don't know what to buy so I'm always looking for inspiration. 
I always loved neutral colours and that's what I'm planning to do, white and gray tones but I also want a pop of colour. 
This is one of my new year resolutions.
Do you have some suggestions for me? 



Gucci Belt

9:28 PM

Hello my dears how are you?
I'm so tired, I had an exhausting week, I had to study for an exam that I had today and honestly I think I will fail anyway. 
However not everything is bad, tomorrow is Friday and I'm always on vacation. 
Today I'm talking about belts, not any belt of course, the Gucci belt. 
If some years ago I the idea of having a belt with a logo was horrible for me, now I'm starting to like a lot. 
Probably because it's trendy and everyone is using it. 

I know that this was already a trend but now is back again, it started with Hermes and now it's time for Gucci. 
All fashion lovers have one and it's perfect if you want to buy a luxurious item but you don't want to spend a lot of money. 
I still don't know if I would have the courage to use it, but I love to see other girls rocking them! 

All images from weheartit. 

So what do you say, yes or no?!


Velvet Trend

1:00 AM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
Are you having a good week?

Who loves velvet??
I have to confess that I used to hate velvet, not because of the look but due to the texture, it's to soft for me. I have this weird thing that I can't touch soft things, I never use gloves because of that, my fingers are just to sensitive. 
I'm getting better now, and I even bought a velvet dress last year that I really love and I use it a lot during winter. The velvet is not very soft but it's still very warm and cozy. 
The trend started last year but I think this year is even bigger, you see velvet everywhere, specially in dresses, jackets and shoes. 
Gucci launched their stunning velvet bags as well, so the velvet fever is expanding. 

I left you some of my favourite item below. 

Tell me what you think.

1. ChloƩ
2. Saint Laurent
3. Valentino
4. Gucci
5. Puma


Christmas Gifts Under 50 euros

4:21 PM

Hello my dears, how are you? 
Christmas is coming and it's time to buy some gifts, right? 
Did you start your Christmas shopping already? 
I bought some some things but I still have to find the gifts for my parents. 
If you need some inspiration check my suggestions below, I did a selection of cool gifts for girls all of them under 50 euros. 
I wouldn't mind to received any of them. 
What do you think? 

1. Benefit- 49€
2. Louis Vuitton New York Guide - 30€
3. Gingko Clock - 50€
4. Nasty Gal Mug - 17.24€
5. Marble notebook - 21€
6. Cocktail Set - 24€
7. Lightbox - 30€
8. Marc Jacobs lipstick set - 40€
9. Rituals body cream - 19.90€
10. Diptyque candle - 25€
11. Sephora make up box - 39.90€
12. Rituals Beauty Set - 29.90€



Gucci CC Marmont

9:37 PM

Hello my dears how are you?
Thanks god it's friday tomorrow I had again such a bad week, I just want to stay home and rest this weekend. 
Gucci is making me crazy later, I just love every single thing they have. 
First the shoes, that I'm still hoping to buy and then the bags. 
Have you seen the new Gucci GG Marmont? The collections is stunning, I love the velvet ones but to be honest I would be happy with any of them. 
They are meant to replace my lovely Gucci Soho Bag and I think they are in the right way.
It's so amazing to see how Gucci reborn, it's one of my favourite brands at the moment. 
What do you think? 


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