Zara Sales - My Favourite Pieces

5:00 PM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
Today is my last day of holiday, however not everything is bad because Zara sales just started. 
Not in Luxembourg though, only in Portugal but fortunately I have my parent's address in Portugal and I can order everything I want. 
The prices in Portugal are always lower than Luxembourg even without sales. I'm in love with this gray coat for a long time and the price in Luxembourg is 129 € and in Portugal is 99,99€. Now with the sale the price dropped for 69.99 € so probably I will buy it. 
Besides that I also have my eyes in other pieces but I think I will wait until the prices dropped again because the difference is not so big now. 
I will leave my suggestions below and don't forget that we should invest in classic pieces during sales. We should not go crazy only because the prices are lower ( I know it's hard).


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  1. Esse casaco bordeaux podia vir viver cá para casa :)

  2. no.4 is my fav!

  3. Ainda não dei a mais pequena olhada nos saldos mas adoro o casaco vermelho!


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