Monday, January 26, 2015

Coats for Him to Her!! - Fall 2015 Menswear

Hello dears!!
As you know the fall 2015 menswear collections as been presented these last days. I must confess that I love men’s clothes and I love to see a very girly outfit with a touch of masculinity. I think that gives confidence and modernity to any look. 
My favorite pieces to do this mix are the jackets!! I love masculine jackets and I love to see women using them. Off course that must be a balance between the two words we must combine a masculine piece with a very feminine one. 
I will leave you some off my favorite jackets from the fall 2015 menswear collections  that I think that any women could use without shame. 
So let’s still our boyfriend’s closet girls!!


 Lanvin/ Hermés/ Lanvin/ Kenzo

Saint Laurent


Saturday, January 24, 2015

2015 It Summer Bags

Hey there!!

So I saw yesterday on an article with the 30 it bags for this spring. I love all the bags but I through their selection a little dark for summer. After all summer it’s about color and fun!! I do a selection for you with 9 it bags very colorful and fun that I think that every girl would like to have and rock this summer. The only against is the price!!
Which one  is your favorite??

1- Balenciaga 1.195€
2- Chanel
3- Gucci 1.550€
4- Dior
5- Fendi
6- Saint Laurent 1.350€
7- Valentino 1.650€
8- Céline 1.650€
9- MiuMiu 1.100€


Friday, January 23, 2015

Valentine's Day – List of presents ideas

Hey there!!

Well Valentine’s Day is coming so I decided to start doing some lists of present’s ideas to help you chose or give the perfect present. I know that this is a controversial date, some people hate the day and others love it. I never hated the day but I’m not crazy about it either, I usually go out on a date with my boyfriend and that’s all.
 But for those who really like to receive presents on this day I will leave you some ideas of what to ask to your boyfriends.
 Hope you like it!! 

 1-Tiffany Bracelet 200€
2- Nordstrom Pillow 35,57€
3- Louis Vuitton Watch for Valentine's Day 3.630€
4- Pandora Ring 80€
5- Daniel Wellington Watch 129€
6- Lanvin Marry Me 59,50€
7- Love Box from Net-a-Porter 385€
8- Bra Agent Provocateur 955€
9- Chanel Books 65€


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Belt It Up!!

Hello dears!!
How are you??

Today I’m here to talk about a trend that I really don’t know if I love it or hate it. I have mixed feeling about the belt trend because sometimes I love to see how they look and I think that they make the outfit so much beautiful but other times I think that is too much information. 
The true is that we can see each time more belts as key element of outfits (especially after the Moshino fever).

 Around the hips or around the waist the it belts are now the stars of the street outfits, a trend that may be here to stay!! Between all the belts I confess that Hermés are my favorites but they soooo expensive!!

What is your opinion about this trend?

My choices... 

Hope you like it!! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hey there!!

Do you like jewelry? Well I’m a lover, especially of rings bracelets and watches. These are the tree items that I use every single day.  I have three Pandora’s bracelets that I never take off, they are already part of me. Although with the approximation of Summer I’m thinking on renew my bracelets collection because they always give an up to any look.  I will show you some of my favorites of the moment!!
What do you think? Love it or hated?

Some Inspiration...

Hope you like it!!