Pineapples Everywhere - Summer 2017

10:01 AM

Hello my dears, how are you doing?
Last month was crazy, I was in Paris for my birthday, Brussels for Easter and Portugal for a wedding. I was so tired and I had no time for blogging.
I'm back with one of my favourite trends for this summer, pineapples!
If you know me you will know that I'm obsessed with pineapples, I love everything about pineapples, the colours, the shape and the taste. 
We were used to see pineapples in the decor stores as jewellery boxes, pillows, frames, paintings and candles but now we will see them in clothes as well.
I blame Dolce and Gabbana for that, their collection its all about pineapples and, of course, the other fast fashion stores followed the trend. 
What do you think about the trend? 
I think it's funny, fresh and perfect for summer but you will never see me with pineapple shoes!
Anyway, summer is coming so lets all have fun and enjoy the warm days and the cold drinks! 
1 - Kayo
2- House of Holland 
3- Dolce and Gabbana
4- H&M
5- Dolce and Gabbana
6- H&M
7- Chloé
8- H&M
9- Dolce and Gabbana 



Unboxing - Gucci Loafers

8:27 PM

Hello my dears, how are you? 
My birthday was two weeks ago and I decided to treat myself with something that I wanted for a long time. 
These Gucci loafers were on my wishlist for so long and when I saw them in Paris I could not resist. 
They are so classy and stylish, I can use them with everything.
I'm really difficult with shoes, specially this type of shoes, usually they always hurt me but these ones are super comfy. 
I know that a lot of people think that they are ugly and 'granny shoes' but for me they are just perfect.
What do you think? 



8# Travel Memories - Paris

8:01 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?
Two weeks ago I went to Paris to celebrate my birthday. Yes, it was my first time visiting Paris and I was really excited about it.
Paris is huge so it was impossible to see everything in two days but we visited a lot of things.
 We climb the Eiffel Tower, we visited the Louvre, we made a small boat trip on the Seine and we lost ourselves in the small streets next to Notre Dame.
We tried a lot of Bistros as well, but we were very unlucky with the food.
My favourite part of the city was, of course, the fashion. Parisians  have a unique style, no matter what they dress they are always perfect and stylish.  The shops on the Champs Elysees are breathtaking you will find all the famous French houses there.
The Galleries La Fayette are also a must place to visit.
 If you love fashion Paris is the right place to go!
I also loved the Louvre, is really really beautiful and also really big, it's impossible to see everything in one day but you can always chose what do you want to see.
I had high expectations about Paris, it was always on the top of my list of places to visit  but I was a bit disappointed. The city is really beautiful but I was expecting more.
The prices are also crazy not only in shops but also in restaurants and bars.
Safety speaking, I think the city is safe and there is always a lot of people on the streets.
Compared to other cities I visited, I prefer Paris over London but I enjoyed Barcelona and Edinburgh more.
My advise to all the fashion addicts is: If you are visiting the Paris, save some money for the trip!



Pink the colour of the season!

12:21 PM

Hello my dears, how are you?

We all know that pink is the colour of the season so we better start looking for some trendy pieces to invest. 
Pink is no my favourite color, I think I only have two pink shirts that I barely use. Is just not my thing, to feminine for me. 
However if you like pink you will definitely love these pieces. All of them all trendy, girly and fun and you will look like a Barbie using it, especially these Gucci sunglasses ( that by the way are sold out). 
I admit that I love the three bags and the sneakers from Nike, the rest is just to much for me, but I hope you enjoy my selection. 
Go Pink or go home!!


Olá a todos, como estão? 

Bem, já todos sabemos que o cor-de-rosa é a cor da estação por isso o melhor é começar a ver em que peças devemos investir. 
O cor-de-rosa não é a minha cor favorita, eu acho que só tenho duas camisolas desta cor e poucas vezes as uso. Acho que é muito feminino para mim e não se enquadra no meu estilo. 
Contudo se vocês são amantes da cor decertada que vão gostar das peças que escolhi. Todas elas estão in, são super femininas e divertidas ao mesmo tempo, especialmente estes óculos da Gucci que só por acaso estão esgotados em todo lado. 
Admito que até gosto das malas e dos ténis da Nike mas tudo o resto é demais para mim, mas espero que pelo menos vocês gostem. 

1 - Chloé 1.290€
2- Gucci 795 €
3 - Gucci 1.000€
4 - Nike 107€
5 - Gucci - 1490€
6 - MiuMiu 565€
7- Saint Laurent 1.750€
8 - Prada 950€
9 - Gucci 259 €



March Wishes

12:00 PM

Hello guys, how are you doing?
March arrived and I don't have the list of my favourites products for last month because honestly I did not bought a lot of things. Instead of showing you my February favourites I will show you my wishes for March. 
Yes, all these items can come to my closet!!!

Olá a todos!
Março já chegou e eu não tenho a minha lista de favoritos do mês passado porque honestamente não comprei muitas coisas novas. Em vez de vos mostrar os favoritos de Fevereiro decidi mostrarmos os meus desejos para Março. 
Sim, todos estes items podiam vir morar cá para casa, eu não me importava nada!

1- Chloé Faye Small - 1050 EUR
2- Chloé Alphabet Necklace - 220 EUR
3- Monica Vinader engraved bracelet - 125 EUR
4- Prada wallet - 230 EUR


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