My Christmas Presents

11:14 PM

Hello guys!!
Hope you had an amazing Christmas and wish you all a fantastic year of 2016.  
Have you made your 2016 resolutions yet ?
I promise I'll make mine soon. 
I know that I'm a little late to show you my Christmas presents but I have been so busy that it was impossible to share this with you sooner. 
Well, I was very lucky this Christmas, I received a lot of amazing gifts from my boyfriend and my family. However the most important of all was spending Christmas with some of the most special people of my life. 
I was so grateful for having them all with me. 
As I am a jewellery addict I was very happy to receive my rose gold Marc Jacobs watch. I wanted it for a very long time and to complete the look my boyfriend also gave the new edge bracelet from Calvin Klein. I´m obsessed with rose gold lately, I admit. 
I bought myself the Coco Mademoiselle perfume because I really love the fragrance and my aunt gave me the Black Opium from YSL, one of my favourites of all the time.  
I received some clothes from my cousins from Massimo Dutti and my favourites creams from Rituais.
Also, my cousin gave a beautiful Pandora charm that means a lot to me because family is the most important thing of the world I have the lucky to have an amazing one.
I also received some things for my home and money from my parents because they never know what to give me. 

What about you?
What did you get for Christmas?


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