Sundays - Unfun Days!

9:28 AM

Hello my dears, how are you?
Who else hates Sundays like me? 
Everything is wrong about Sundays, it's the most boring day of the week and apart from that you know that on the following day you have to work. 
In Luxembourg almost everything is closed on Sundays so basically either you stay at home either you go to the movies, and thats all you can do. 
It's the laziest day of the week, I usually stay at home watching stupid movies and eating things that I shouldn't eat. 
I think I hate Sundays more than Mondays because at least on Monday the week already started and you start the countdown to the weekend. 
To cheer you up (or me) I will leave you some kind of Sunday inspiration. 

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Gucci Soho Disco Bag - Review

10:38 AM

Hello Dears!!
Today I bring you the review of my Gucci Soho Disco bag, and first of all I have to tell you that this bag is amazing.
I bought it for my birthday this year in April an since there I never stopped using it. 
I saw a lot of reviews before I bought it because when you buy such an expensive bag you have to think about it very careful (unless you are rich witch is not my case).
I was looking for a cross body bag with a reasonable size, not too big but not too small as well. Basically I was looking for a bag where I could put my wallet, my keys, my phone and my sunglasses  and I can tell you that Gucci Soho may look small but it's crazy the amount of stuff that we can put in there. 
I'm not babysitting this bag, I use it literally every single day, I take it to work, shopping, traveling basically everywhere and it still looks amazing, probably even better than when I bought it. Sometimes I feel bad to use it so much especially when is raining and snowing but I was always like that if I buy something I like to use it. 
The quality its really good, the leather is amazing and the bag is really classy but also discreet. I choose the black one because black is my favourite color and because I can use it with every outfit that it will always look good. 
I only did the review now because I wanted to use it first to see if it was really god or not and believe it is. 
It is certainly a good investment because instead of buying 3 or 4 cheap bags peer year I only bought one, the price it's also higher than when I bought it and the quality makes really the difference. 
If you are in doubt if you should buy it or not just go for it you will not regret. 



Barcelona - Best Places to Visit!!

9:44 PM

Hello everyone, how are you?
Better than me I hope, my holidays are over. 
Time to come back to the real world.
I was off for two weeks in Portugal and some days in Barcelona.
As I didn't want to write about all the places I visited because sometimes it's hard to explain how things are, I decided to make a small video. 
I hope you enjoy it and please be aware that I am not a pro on this things. 
If you are planning to visit Barcelona you can have a look at some of my favourite places. 
We were not very lucky with the weather but besides that I loved the city and I plan to return one day.



Tops on top!!

11:10 PM

Good evening everyone!!
Since the arrival of the new collections I noticed that now it's super in to put tops on top of everything. You put a top on top of a shirt and you are the most fashionable person of the planet. You are ready to go any fashion week. 
Do I like it? No.
That will change? Who knows!
That's why I hate trends, I always have mixed feelings about them, first I hate them, then I get use to them and then I start to like them. 
I think we don't really have a choice because we are all brainwashed .
Anyway, maybe one day you will see me doing the same thing, maybe not, who cares? It's fashion. 


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