Gucci Belt

9:28 PM

Hello my dears how are you?
I'm so tired, I had an exhausting week, I had to study for an exam that I had today and honestly I think I will fail anyway. 
However not everything is bad, tomorrow is Friday and I'm always on vacation. 
Today I'm talking about belts, not any belt of course, the Gucci belt. 
If some years ago I the idea of having a belt with a logo was horrible for me, now I'm starting to like a lot. 
Probably because it's trendy and everyone is using it. 

I know that this was already a trend but now is back again, it started with Hermes and now it's time for Gucci. 
All fashion lovers have one and it's perfect if you want to buy a luxurious item but you don't want to spend a lot of money. 
I still don't know if I would have the courage to use it, but I love to see other girls rocking them! 

All images from weheartit. 

So what do you say, yes or no?!


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  1. Nice inspo!

  2. sim, quando bem conjugado com o resto das peças, fica muito bem.
    Um beijinho
    Sara M.

  3. Love this look and belt!! x

  4. Normalmente não gosto muito de logos tão destacados mas há peças que resultam, como esta =)

  5. Love Gucci belt and Chanel bags. Now Gucci bags are also popular among bloggers.


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