What about Black Friday?

9:02 AM

Hello my dears, how are you?

So yesterday was the so expected black friday but for me it was more a black week.
I had and amazing weekend in Edinburgh with my colleagues from work, and it was really great. 
I loved Edinburgh, I think It's one of the most beautiful cities I ever saw, you can see history in every corner and the city has definitely a special soul. 
It was a great weekend but I was really tired when we arrived. 
I had one of the worst weeks at work as well, I could not wait for the weekend again. 
Yesterday I was sure that I would buy all my Christmas presents but that didn't happened as well. 
The problem is, I don't know what to give and the promotions were not so good. 
I end up buying two perfumes for my uncles on Sephora with 30% of discount and that was it for presents. 
I also bought a treat for my, these "boots" from Zara that I saw in Barcelona and I really regret of not buying. 
My black friday wasn't very exciting but this weekend I will try to buy the rest of the presents (after cleaning my house and study for another exam).

Wish me luck and inspiration!!!!

What do you think about my new shoes? 

What about you? How was your shopping? 


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