3# Best Fashion Youtubers of 2016

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Hello my dears, how are you doing? 
So today I will continue my best of 2016 tag and I will tell all about my favourite fashion youtubers of the year. 
I spend hours on youtube watching their videos and I think they do a incredible job. 
I can't even imagine the time that they spend editing and shooting the videos and I really admire them for that, plus besides that all of them have also a blog that you can follow. 
Being a blogger for living is not so easy as everyone thinks, these girls are always working. 
I really love my job that is not related to fashion at all, my blog is just a hobby, a landscape, a place where I can share my thoughts with you, but I have a lot of respect for professional bloggers and youtubers.
If you like fashion you will certainly love to see all these stunning girls and their amazing closets. 

Lydia is my favourite youtuber, I love her so much. She is gorgeous, she is funny and she has an amazing taste. I love watching her unboxing videos, her handbags collection, shoes collection, best and worse luxury purchases and I also love her vlogs. I think she is really genuine and unique and when you start watching her videos is really impossible to stop. 

Tamara is also amazing, I wish I could have half of her closet. She has an amazing and unique style.
She does a lot of travel vlogs that I love but I have to confess that my favourite videos are also when she shows her handbag collection or the whats in my bag tag!  

If you love handbags and you don't know Chase Amie you live in a totally different world. She has the most amazing bag collection I ever saw. When I like a bag I always go and and check what she has to say about it before I even consider to buy it. She was a big influence when I bought my Gucci Soho Disco bag and I am not disappointed. 

I love Garotas Estúpidas, especially the #camievictake tag. Camila and Vic are best friends, one living in Brazil and the other one in London but they travel a lot together and they always have the most funny vlogs. If you want to see their amazing outfits and funny adventures just follow them on youtube. 

Tell me, which one is your favourite? 


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  1. I love #garotasestupidas too. And Vic is a sweetheart!

  2. They are my favorite too! x


  3. thanks for sharing this :) Lydia looks and sounds fabulous!


  4. Oh the Chanel collection! Love te suggestions!
    Dora www.BangsBang.com

  5. Não conhecia algumas, mas já vou espreitar ao youtube
    Um beijinho
    Sara M.

  6. They are amazing!

  7. I love too #garatasestupidas and Vic, is amazing =D



  8. I love 'Garotas Estúpidas'! Its my favorite chanel.


  9. love all the girls :) kisses, Sofia



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