A Street Style Winter Perspective

1:54 PM

In Brussels we can see all kinds of people and all kinds of styles but every day when I took the bus or when I walk through the city this winter I saw many similarities on the way people dress.  In a general way I think that this 3 items were present in almost every girl outfit that I saw in the streets:

1º The Parka- This was the jacket of the winter, I think that every single women in Brussels had one. We could saw it in many models but usually the color was military green. They are beautiful, they are warm and cozy and they definitely (when well dress) give many style. 

2ºNike Air Max – I have to admit that this trend was difficult from me to like, but now I love it. They were on the feets of every young lady in Brussels, we could saw it in different colors and they totally make a huge difference in the outfit. I even bought one pair for me. 

3º Michael Kors Handbag – Just like the Parka and the Air Max the Michael Kors handbags were' the bags' in Brussels this winter I and guess that this trend will continue through the summer as well. They were everywhere from the youngest to the oldest lady, from different colors and shapes. 

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