Laces a Romantic Trend!

1:04 PM

Hello there!
I come today to talk about another trend for this summer .. the laces! Collections such as Dolce & Gabanna and Valentino are full of lace. We can see more on this trend in dresses but also in tops and skirts. I find this a very romantic and fresh trend and is perfect for warmer days! I'll leave you with a few pieces that I found wonderful! I hope you enjoy!

From Dolce&Gabbana

From Valentino

From Burberry

From Elie Saab

From Marc Jacobs
From Zara


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  1. Love the lace trend! <3 Great inspiration!
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    -x- Michelle
    Personal Fashionblog

  2. Thanks :)
    of corse i will follow you!

  3. Lace is so beautiful, so romantic. *__*
    Lovely greets...

  4. you are nominated for a liebster award! check out the video on my profile :)

  5. I love this trend! Although it seems like it's always there:)

    With love,


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